Liane Wakabayashi

Jill is an editor with heart. She read between the lines of my memoir in progress and fell in love with my mother, a minor actor I thought, until Jill showed me otherwise. Now my mother stands tall in my story, with readers are drawn into a whole realm of interesting dynamics that I alone couldn’t see. Thank you Jill!


Working with Jill was such a helpful and positive experience. Very quickly, she put together a comprehensive pitch for my book and she paid careful attention to the manuscript, providing detailed track changes and comments throughout. Her editing is very streamlined and concise, and she provided invaluable feedback regarding the structure of my book, as well as the arc of its chapters and characters. My memoir at times deals with sensitive subject matter regarding abuse and LGBT themes, and she was always considerate when critiquing these parts. Jill was always very witty and approachable on our video chats, and as a writer, you know you're working with a good editor when you actually can't wait to have a conversation with them all about what needs to be fixed with your writing. It was clear to me through our work together that she is a seasoned professional with a strong sense of how to navigate the industry, and I would recommend her to other writers without hesitation.

I worked with Jill extensively on my book proposal after scrapping the first draft of my memoir.  Jill is a phenomenal support in every way, I am so lucky to have worked with her!  Her great gift is in seeing the overarching story, and giving terrific, detailed notes both big and small that bring everything together. Jill's experience comes from both sides of the table -- as a former book editor, as well as a writer. When you are lost in your story, Jill can and will help pull you out of your head and computer!  I learned a great deal about storytelling and what makes a proposal great.  She made me a much better, more focused writer. From our work together, I landed a major agent.  If you need someone to help you with a book proposal, run, don't walk, to Jill Rothenberg!

Danielle Gelfand

If you’re serious about making your writing as good as it possibly can be, if you want your work to stand out, if you want to know how to pitch your work so it garners attention and exposure, you must work with Jill Rothenberg.  She is a gifted writer and editor, who knows how to draw the best out of writer and knows too how to help writers pitch their work so that it will gain attention and published.  Jill has not only mastered the art of writing but the craft of imparting advice, wisdom and the benefit of her experience.  She is teacher, coach, mentor, fan and friend, and I join the legion of writers who have benefited from her assistance and sing her praises.

Alex Barnett

Brilliant and insightful, Jill is a masterful editor. Before I started working with her, I was in a rut with my manuscript. From our initial Skype call, Jill partnered with me. With her guidance, and after identifying portions of the manuscript in need of attention, she helped me restructure, improve the narrative arc, and expand its relevant themes. But above all, Jill Rothenberg inspired my confidence, and for writers, this skill is priceless.

Penne Richards

Robert Markowitz 

When I worked with Jill, she demonstrated a rare mixture of four skills. She knew what could sell, having been an acquisitions editor for years; she was a wizard at re-framing my themes into a marketable context; she edited superbly; and as a wonderfully creative writer, she gave me concrete (and funny) examples of what would work. Plus, her heart showed in everything she edited.

Working with her was like a master class, but practical, in that she gave my story context, and steered it toward where it matched a reader’s curiosity and need.  

Lindsay Wong

Jill is an editorial genius. She instinctively understood what my manuscript needed and offered invaluable advice on making it more appealing to publishers. She’s the best developmental editor that I’ve worked with.

Haig Chahinian

I'd been thinking about my book for years, but Jill "got it" within minutes of our first conversation. In addition to line editing my proposal, she came up with a beautiful title that captured the memoir's essence, helped me craft the narrative arc, and guided me with expert hands through writing the marketing section. I wholeheartedly recommend Jill to anyone who's feeling alone in getting a book project off the ground. Part-guru, and part cheerleader, Jill's the greatest – and most reasonably priced –midwife editor on the market!

Jill Rothenberg has her fingers on the pulse of what editors and agents want. Her essays are poignant, yet also rich with humor and the ironies of life. Her editing is razor sharp. Jill is your best coach for developing a book proposal, revising an essay or a reported piece. She can also “midwife” your memoir by finding the universal themes and suggesting a unique twist. Jill is well-versed in all aspects of how to become a successful freelance writer — from the business of book marketing to developing an idea to targeting any audience.

Dorri Olds




Marie Perruchet

One Perfect Pitch, How to Sell your Product, your Business, your Idea or Yourself was my first book and I am a non-native English speaker, which means double trouble. Not only Jill cleaned up my written blunders, but she really helped to reformulate ideas into precise sentences, clear and compelling enough for a reader. I had to come up with more exercises in my methodology and she used her talent to turn them into appealing and simple ones. She is always on time, positive and enjoys her work. It was a pleasure working with her.

Elizabeth Pimentel

I am so fortunate to have Jill as my midwife editor. She was highly recommended to me by my writing teacher when an agent expressed interest in my work.  Jill taught me how to put together a memoir proposal from scratch in a fairly short period of time.  She walked me through all the steps needed and edited my first two chapters.  But mainly, through Skyping with me, numerous emails, and reading my work, she “got” me.  She made me see the importance of the themes of my book and the significance of my story, not only to my generation, but to young women today. She gave my memoir direction, rather than it being a grouping of disconnected vignettes.  She’s always prompt to answer questions and return edits, motivating, and insightful.  Furthermore, she gave me invaluable input with some personal essays that helped to get them published.

Marion Ruybalid

Jill was quick to come up with an in-depth overview of my entire manuscript within a few days. I went from having what was a finished, but overly complicated book, to knowing what sections could go based on the story I wanted to pitch. From a gripping title, to a pitch that wasn't as difficult as I thought it might be. Jill really has helped me birth an actual book.

Jill is brilliant.
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— Jonathan L.
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Jill is brilliant. I worked with her on the proposal for my memoir, Girl in the Woods. Her perceptive an vigilant feedback gave me insight into how to create the best proposal I could. Within two weeks of completing my work with Jill, the book sold to HarperCollins. Then, it was published, changing my life. In this way, I owe my career to Jill’s expertise.
— Aspen Matis
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— Claire C.